Tristar USA, Inc. (Tristar) began operations as a petroleum-based multi-disciplinary service company providing oil field services (drilling rigs, wireline services, work boats and barges, & general oilfield contracting services), competitive engineering, consulting, and environmental services to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Today, Tristar renders its services to governments, corporations, institutions, and individual clients through its Group of Companies worldwide. Tristar and its Group of Companies complement each other’s services. Following is a partial listing of services provided by Tristar.

Petroleum Related Services:

  • Engineering (including environmental engineering & management)
  • Equipment and tool rental
  • Feasibility studies and project management
  • Marine Services (logistics, ocean shipping, crew & supply vessels, tugs, barges, etc.)
  • Marketing of refined products and lubricants
  • Petroleum (consulting, procurement, construction, oil field supplies, etc.)
  • Refinery rehabilitation and management

Non-Petroleum Related Services:

  • Aviation – Aircraft purchase/lease and sales.
    • Communication supply and maintenance
    • Consumer goods
  • Energy Complete power supply to services
    • Equipment supply
  • Exports Military equipment and hardware
  • Health – Construction, Medical Supplies & Equipment
  • Imports Commodities (cocoa, coffee, seafood, etc.)
  • Information and Communication Equipment Sales, Installation & Maintenance.
    • Manpower training
  • Telecommunications – Network, (equipment, technical support & services)

Tristar’s success in operating in various countries does not only stem from its in-house resources and expertise. The Company’s ability to adapt to and accommodate foreign cultures, and hire locally skilled personnel is a contributing factor to its successful foreign operations.

Tristar has served 18 Governments in various capacities worldwide. It has successfully executed numerous petroleum and petroleum service contracts in the North and South America, West Africa and the Middle East. Below is a partial list of its clients:

  • AGIP
  • Chevron
  • Mobil
  • Shell International
  • Variety of Petroleum Service Companies
  • Ashland
  • Elf
  • Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

Tristar is closely associated with the following U.S. Corporations:

  • AT&T – Telecommunications & Information
  • Caterpillar  – Equipment and Spare Parts
  • Chevron –  Petroleum and Petroleum Services
  • Chrysler Corporation – Automobiles
  • Delta Airlines – Civil Aviation and Services
  • Dupont de Nemours –  Chemicals and Products
  • Exxon – Petroleum
  • General Electric – Power Generation (Turbines) etc.
  • Kerr-McGee Corporation – Petroleum & Chemicals
  • MCI – Telecommunications & Information
  • Texaco –  Petroleum, Chemicals and Services

Tristar privileged to have served the following countries in the following capacities:

  • Abu Dhabi and Dubai – Oilfield, Marine, Medical Equipment & Supplies
  • Indonesia & Malaysia – Chemicals & Environmental
  • Republic of Bangladesh – Civil Aviation
  • Republic of Guyana – Water & Environmental Services
  • Republic of Honduras – Military Hardware, Aqua-Culture, Import/Export
  • Republic of Kenya – Commodities Import, Mining, Precious Stones
  • Republic of Liberia – Energy & Water Services
  • Republic of Nicaragua – Military Hardware, Aqua-Culture, Import/Export
  • Republic of Nigeria – Procurement – Oilfield Services, Military, Government
  • Republic of Suriname – Oilfield, Import, Water & Environmental Services
  • Republic of Venezuela – Oil Drilling & Petroleum Services
  • Trinidad & Tobago – Oilfield, Import/Export/Aqua-Culture

United States Government(s):

  • Florida State Government – Petroleum & Environmental
  • Louisiana State Government – Environmental Services
  • Mississippi State Government – Petroleum & Environmental
  • New Jersey State Government – Environmental Services
  • Texas State Government – Petroleum & Environmental
  • U.S. Military/Pentagon – Military Contracts

Some Products, Equipment and Services Provided By Tristar USA

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