RST Environmental Services, Inc.

RST Environmental Services, Inc. (RST-E) is a growing multi-disciplinary engineering and environmental remediation company with unlimited expertise and extensive experience offering a full range of environmental consulting, engineering and remediation services. RST-E offers several technologies and services to aid its clients in the area of waste management.

Proprietary Technology

  • RST-ERU™ – Oil Spill Recovery, Separation and Transportation, i.e. “RST”
  • ZOLLCO TANKKO™ – Two-Phase Oil & Water Separation System.
  • RST BIO-INJECTOR™ – In-Situ Contaminated Soil Bio-Remediation
  • GCI MOBILE INCINERATOR™ – Thermal Treatment of Contaminated Soils and Hazardous Materials (oilfield sludge, contaminated oil spill waste, etc).


  • Ex-Situ Contaminated Soil Fixation and Stabilization.
  • Hazardous Materials Removal and Management.
  • Oil and Hazardous Materials Spill Response.
  • Hazardous Waste Site Remediation and Civil Engineering
  • Environmental & Waste Management.
  • Tank Removal and Excavation.
  • Water Treatment System Installation, Startup, Operation and Maintenance.
  • Air Stripper System Installation, Startup, Operation and Maintenance.
  • Hazardous Materials and Asbestos Health and Safety Training.

The RST ERU technology involves the separation of water from oil in oil spills. The process is considered by experts to be 3 orders of magnitude (1,000 times) better than current technologies. The RST technology offers several other advantages over current technologies … (1) since separation occurs inside the ship/vessel, the level of waves/sea action is immaterial (as long as not high enough to sink the ship) … while current cleanups cannot be attempted in waves over 18 inches high; (2) the system can process hundreds of thousands of gallons of polluted water to
recover even just 1 gallon of oil –thus it can clean up “sheen” oil spills that current technologies cannot; (3) since the separation occurs on the ship/vessel, the recovered oil is stored –for recent oil spills where oil has not degraded, marketable oil is recovered; (4) since separation occurs on the ship/vessel, the (virtually clean) separated water is discharged into the source (ocean/lake/river), reducing the storage volume problem, allowing vessel to work longer. Certified US Coast Guard test results show the water content of oil separated and recovered by the RST-ERU varied from 1.2 to 5.2 percent by weight in the calm water test, and from 3.0 to 11.0 percent by weight in the wave test. The oil content of the decanted water emerging from the RST-ERU averaged 6.2 PPM in calm water test, and averaged 27.2 PPM in wave test. Additionally, the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) is designed for steady state operations; this means continuous recovery with the ability to discharge to portable storage equipment (storage bladder, small barges, etc.).

RST-E is a representation of three specialized environmental entities:

Gulf Coast Incinerators, Inc. provides environmental services ranging from solid waste management to hazardous material removal and management. Its mobile and modular designed Thermal Treatment Unit is unique in design, application, and function. It is extremely versatile in it’s ability to adapt to “changes in waste profile during operation”; “changes in emission limits due to geographic changes”; “process unit operation changes” “site locations”; and it can “handle a wide  range of waste”. The versatile design of this system allows it to handle oilfield waste (sludge from tank bottoms, oil spills, etc.), industrial waste and municipal solid waste. Co-generation (waste to energy) is another of GCI’s mobile and modular design features. Co-generation is made possible through the use of a waste heat boiler that produces steam to drive a steam turbine generator. Gulf Coast Incinerators also offers research and development capabilities in the application of innovative technologies in remediation and waste management thus adding breadth and depth to large contract management.

Zollco Environmental Services, Inc. expertise is water, ranging from project conception and development, to waste waters management, including oilfield production water and ground water cleanup. Zollco also provides engineering solutions for, drainage, flood control and erosion and sedimentation. It provides solid architectural and engineering services related to water and wastewater treatment infrastructure and facilities and a unique competence in lake restoration and watershed management.

AquaFlex Raceways, Inc. is a high-tech aqua-culture and irrigation company using a patented Raceway system instead of ponds to provide an intensive land/water based fish farms for fresh, brackish and salt-water species. AquaFlex consultants assists its clients in adapting andtransferring the necessary technology for the project from start to finish. As a team under RST Environmental, Inc., these three companies provide a high level of customer satisfaction in delivering expected  results due to its technical strength, sound solutions and experienced management.