H & W Technologies, Inc.

H & W Technologies manufactures Magnetic Fluid Conditioners (MFC), a patented magnetic tool used in the physical treatment of water, oil and other industrial fluids. The device, through electromagnetic action ionizes water thus making it act as its own dispersant and surfactant. MFC’s are designed to reduce and remove scale (including paraffin) and corrosion in boilers, cooling towers, oil wells, flow lines, etc. The process consequently eliminates the need for elaborate use of chemicals in water treatment and highly trained personnel for facility monitoring. The magnets used in this device were developed by NASA and were fitted in miniature electrical motors used in space vehicles. Various materials of construction are used in the manufacture of the MFC, however, a special grade of stainless steel is most commonly used as a liner. The benefits of these products are enormous in reducing scale and corrosion. The device has 18 years of proven success, unchallenged reliability and cost effectiveness.

The proven benefits of the H & W Magnetic Fluid Conditioners are:

  • Remove scales and inhibit corrosion in pipes
  • Prevents new scale formation
  • Increases equipment life and reduces maintenance cost.
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Minimizes warm up on boilers and water heaters
  • Reduces surface tension of water
  • Non Polluting

The MFC’s are applicable in the following fields:

  • Agriculture
    • Reduction of Algae, Purity & Solvency for Plant and Animal Life & Increased Yield
  • Automotive, Marine & Power Plants
    • Reduces Exhaust Emissions & Increases Fuel Efficiency in Diesel & Fuel Oil Powered Engines
  • Geo-Thermal Industry
    • Reduces & Removes Scale on Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Cooling Towers & Deep Well Operations
  • Hotels, Hospitals & Multi Unit Housing
    • Reduces & Removes Scale in Domestic Hot Water, Cooling Towers, Pipes &Boilers
  • Marine
    • Reduces & Removes Scale in Pipes, Pumps, Heat Exchangers & Keel Coolers
  • Petroleum
    • Reduces & Removes Paraffin Scale in Oil Wells, Flow Lines, Pumps, & Storage Tanks
  • Sports
    • Improves Grass Texture & Color on Golf Terrain, Football Fields & Soccer Stadiums
  • Water Management
    • Industrial & Domestic Applications – Removes Scale & Inhibit Corrosion in Pipes, Boilers, Cooling Towers, etc.
  • Tourism Industry
    • Hotels & Sports Facilities Removes Scale & Inhibit Corrosion in Pipes, Boilers, Cooling Towers, etc