EcoChem, Inc.

EcoChem, Inc. is a specialized company under the Tristar’s Group of Companies. Its specialty lies in the production, marketing and distribution of industrial chemicals to commercial and industrial sectors ranging from agriculture and automotive to the oil and textile industries. EcoChem, Inc., takes pride in providing chemical marketing, surplus chemical handling and chemical recycling services to industries, worldwide

EcoChem has 23-years experience in the field and a peerless record of unsurpassed and irreproachable services and technical support. Its experienced, knowledgeable and professional staff that pays attention to detail makes the difference in EcoChem.


  • Commodity Chemicals: from Acetic Acid to Urea.
  • Catalysts: from Low Temperature Shift to Molecular Sieves
  • Oil and Gas Industrial Chemicals: from Aluminum Cleaners to Water Clarifiers.
  • Antifreeze, Coolants Lubricants & Additives: from Brake Fluids to Special Lubricants


  • Customized packaging
  •  Turn-key Chemical Production Unit per client’s specification
  • Construction, Maintenance and Management of chemical facilities
  • Chemical Recycling, etc.
  • Staff training