Tristar USA, Inc. (Tristar) is a multi-faceted international service company specializing in the areas of oil field procurement, management and services. We take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality products and services. As manufacturer representative for major oil field equipment manufacturers and supply companies, we can assure our customers of unparalleled support for many years after the sale.

Tristar’s staff and consultants are professionals in their field representing diverse backgrounds in overlapping disciplines. The teams are highly skilled and experienced in providing research, development, design, analysis, implementation engineering and consulting services to oil companies, manufacturers, pharmaceutical and petrochemical processors, utility companies and government agencies. This experience meets the demanding needs of our clients.

With the daily advancement of the technology and globalization of world trade, Tristar is expanding slowly and steadily towards a wide range of non-petroleum services. Tristar is aligned with the world’s leading telecommunication companies to provide wireless, cable television and land line telecommunication services. A sophisticated multi-level infrastructure is utilized to adapt to the emergence of digital technologies and deregulation of telecommunication services worldwide.

Tristar is capable of undertaking a simple procurement transaction or negotiating a complex trans-border “barter” arrangement for helicopters. Tristar’s services include military hardware sales, airline management and airplane financing, refurbishment of electric power generating stations, providing supplies and services to the oil and chemical industries, and its specialty, providing a broad range of environmental services including oil spill clean-up and hazardous site remediation.

Tristar’s success in operating in various countries does not only stem from its in-house resources and expertise. The Company’s ability to adapt to and accommodate foreign cultures, and hire locally skilled personnel is a contributing factor to its successful foreign operations.

The following pages will give you a brief overview of the products and services offered by Tristar USA, Inc. and its Group of Companies.

Rodney C. Whitney
President & CEO